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'24 Fall Football

Registration is open for Fall 2024 Tackle Football

Tackle Football is a very complex and in depth execution style game, for this sake TACKLE PLAYERS SHOULD NOT PLAY ANOTHER SPORT DURING TACKLE FOOTBALL SEASON. Players must have completed kindergarten the prior and can not be in the 7th grade or 13 years of age before August 1st to participate in Tackle Football. Flag football will be offered for players in Kindergarten or under the age of 6

Registration Fee : $110
Late registration subject to late fee, and availability.

Age as of August 1st:
Rookie - 1st or 2nd graders (under 9 years of age by Aug 1st 2024)
JV Tackle - 3rd or 4th graders (under 11 years of age by Aug 1st 2024)
Varsity Tackle - 5th or 6th graders (under 13 years of age by Aug 1st 2024)

For info, contact me at [email protected]

Football FAQ for Tackle

I want to chach, or help coach my childs team?
First of all, thank you for taking an interest in youth sports. To become a part of the coaching staff a few things are required:
-Completion of Heads Up Football Training (free online about 1 hour long)
-Completion of Assault training (free online about 1 hour long)
-Completion of a thorough background check (free)
Coaching positions are limited per team and will be addressed on a needs basis.

If you or someone you know is interested please contact [email protected] for more information.

How old do athletes need to be to play tackle football?
1st-6th graders are welcome to participate in Tackle football for TYAA. Sorry, no preschoolers or kindergarteners. Players must have completed Kindergarten and be 6 years old, players can also not be 13 years old or in the 7th grade.
Fall Flag Football is limited to 5-9 year olds in the fall with registration to come at a later date.

Is there anything we can do prior to the season to help our athletes?
Yes, make sure your child is registered for Viking Football Camp taking place the 2nd week of July. Also keep your athletes active during the summer.

Will our coach contact us?
Yes, once our teams have been filled. This will happen after coaches meet. Please allow a few weeks after sign ups end for your coach to contact you. Tackle season will begin July 18th (no pads, conditioning), full contact will begin the week of August 1st, and the first game will be played August 27th.

My child will have to miss practices?
While we understand the football season starts before the school year, and many folks are on vacation, by rule we must ensure each child has enough contact hours without pads, before they are allowed to practice in full uniform and make contact. If you will be out of town during any part of the season it is not the end of the world, just please contact your coach with the details. Your coach can help navigate the rules and regulation to ensure your player is ready to go for week 1. Attendance during practice is very essential and may affect your child's playing time, progress, and development during the season if practices are missed.

When are the practices?
Practices will be M (6-8 pm) and optional Saturdays for pre season. After the season has begun, practices will be M-F (6-8pm). Teams will generally practice 3-4 nights per week during the season. Only two of these practices will be full contact practice.

When are the games?
The games will be played at High Schools throughout the county on Saturdays. The game schedule is set by the ICYFL (Iredell County Youth Football) not our coaches. Game schedule will be circulated and posted online for parents when it has been approved by league and sent to coaches.

Will My child play every play?
The Short answer is No. Football is a complex sport in which each position must know their team duties. TYAA will play each player a minimum of 4 plays per game, however play time is dictated by attendance, behavior (on and off the field), knowledge of the team's goals, sportsmanship, work ethic, and position of best fit. Our goal at TYAA is to create a safe environment to learn the game of football and build confidence in the players. Just because your child does not play the entire game, does not mean they are not part of the team, or are working to earn a starting spot.

What gear do I need for my child?
TYAA will provide shoulder pads, helmet, chin strap, practice pants with pads, and a game day uniform (to be turned in at the end of the season). Parents are responsible for a practice jersey or t shirt( that will get torn and stained), cleats, and a mouthpiece which connects to the helmet by a lanyard (failure to have a mouthpiece will result in no practice or playing).

Volunteer time requirements?
Parents are required to volunteer by working chain gang, or assisting the announcer at least once during football season. ***a sign up link will be circulated***
Coaches for each level are selected by the coordinator, some teams need more help than others. Not everyone who offers to coach will be a coach.

How can I help my player with practice?
By attending practice you are able to see your players development, weakness, strengths and positions. Please "play with your child". Throw the ball in the backyard, let them be an all star running back, and encourage them to do drills at the house (no contact or pads of course). We are only allowed so many contact hours per week, and anything above and beyond, will only give your player the advantage to become a stronger and more confident player.

Who should I contact if there is a problem?
Chain of command is: assistant coach, coach, director, board of directors.
If an issue arises, please let cool heads prevail and wait 24 hours to discuss the issue with the coach or asst coach. If you feel that you are not getting a proper response please contact the football director [email protected].

What if my child does not got to Troutman Elementary?
While the public school allows us to use their space, we are not a school organization. charter, private, and homeschool children may participate. If your child attends a public school outside of Troutman, waivers may need to be signed to allow your player to play for TYAA. These waivers are used for many cases including : child care locations, co-parenting locations, attending out of district schools etc. For questions regarding these cases please contact [email protected]

How much are coaches paid?
TYAA is an all Volunteer non-profit organization. None of our Board members, directors, and coaches are paid. 

Do you offer financial aid?
Yes, please visit our Financial Assistance tab located at the top right of the screen. If you are unable to obtain financial assistance from the Iredell County Parks and Recreation Dept, please contact us directly via [email protected]

Rookie Tackle 1st & 2nd (can't be 9 years old)

Registration closes on 07/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 07/22/2024 to 11/06/2024

JV Tackle 3rd & 4th (can't be 11 years old)

Registration closes on 07/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 07/22/2024 to 11/06/2024

Varsity Tackle 5th & 6th (can't be 13 years old)

Registration closes on 07/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 07/22/2024 to 11/06/2024

2024 Viking Football Camp

TYAA football camp is open to anyone completing grades K-8th.

Camp will take place on July 8th thru 11th from 6-8 pm at South Iredell High School Stadium. Work with, along, and beside your Vikings Football Team during their practice, see special guests, improve your football skills, promote positive character development and build confidence. Each participant will receive a camp T-shirt on the last day of camp.

Proceeds from camp registration fundraisers and additional donations are used to purchase new sports equipment, maintain fields and facilities at South Iredell.

2023 Football Camp - K-8th Grades

Registration closes on 06/26/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 05/12/2024 to 07/14/2024

Fall Football Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Heads Up Football


Troutman Youth Athletics puts the safety of our kids first.  Each of our football coaches are trained and certified by USA football to coach "Heads Up Tackling".  When your player plays football for Troutman Youth Athletics, you can be confident that your child will learn the proper techniques to be able to safely enjoy the game of football. 

The first step to learning how to tackle is to start from the breakdown position. The Heads Up Tackling breakdown position focuses on getting the head out of the way. Our coaches dedicate time learning how to properly teach the breakdown position and spend the time needed with each player to make sure that this position becomes fundamental. This video from USA football demonstrates the same approach that your child will experience every time he steps on the field.

Taking the breakdown position one step further, the kids will learn the proper "hit position". Heads up football teaches the hit position differently than it was taught years ago. The hit position today focuses on balance, angles and making sure that players initiate contact the fronts of their shoulder pads instead of the top of the shoulder pads. This keeps the head out of the way of contact and also keeps the players eyes focused on their target.

Once in the hit position, the kids will learn how to safely approach the ball carrier. The coaches will uses various drills to teach "the buzz" and the "hit step". The buzz allows the kids to keep their feet moving so that they are in a good position to make the tackle. Buzzing their feet allows the kids to keep proper balance, so that they will be in a position to initiate contact with the ball carrier. The "hit step" teaches kids how to get their bodies in proper position to make a tackle and avoid injury.

It is important for players to safely accelerate through the tackle. "The shoot" is a fundamental that teaches the kids to stay low and use their legs and hips to generate the power needed to make the tackle

The final step in Heads Up Tackling is "the rip". This drill teaches the kids how to wrap up the ball carrier, while moving their head out of the way. The combination of these fundamentals will teach the kids a safe way to make a tackle. They will be able to play football confidently and have fun playing the game safely.

Take a minute or two to watch this video with your player to help emphasize these fundamentals.


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