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2022 Cheerleading Registration now open!

Cheer FAQ

How old do athletes need to be to cheer?

K-6th graders are welcome to cheer for TYAA. 6th graders are also allowed to cheer for their middle school team. Sorry, no preschoolers.
7th graders who have not turned 13 by August 1st may participate.

Will our coach contact us?
Yes, once our squads have been filled. This will happen after coaches meet. Please allow a few weeks after sign ups end for your coach to contact you.

When/where is practice?
The practice schedule will be set once the coaches and squads are assigned. Cheer often reserves the TES gym for our practices. Practice times are from 6-8 pm Monday through Friday. The age group will be taken into consideration with scheduling practice times. Practice is usually 2 days a week, 3 days a week in preseason.

How should they dress for practice?
There is not a practice uniform. However, cheerleaders should wear knit cotton shorts, or running shorts, athletic shoes (until cheer shoes arrive) tank tops, or T-Shirt. Hair should be tied back out of their face (ponytail). For safety reasons: No jean shorts/ pants or flowing materials, NO jewelry, NO long fingernails, NO canvas shoes, NO flip-flops or sandals. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to comply with safety guidelines can or will result in missed practice opportunities.

Attire Guidelines

1) Absolutely no jewelry is allowed to be worn during practice or games. Including but not limited to rubber, cloth or fitted bracelets, rings of any type, chains and earrings.

2) It is an absolute must to wear properly fitting tennis shoes to practice until cheer shoes arrive. No flip flops, sandals, slip on shoes etc. once cheer shoes arrive they must be worn to practice.

3) Cheerleaders are required to wear proper clothing to practice.  flowing Skirts, dresses, clothes that have pins or accessories are some examples of items that would NOT be considered appropriate clothing.

Remember that we do not want to see The Eight B’s:

Bras, breasts, bottoms, backs, bellies, booty shorts, Bare feet or bedroom wear. 

4) Fingernails should be kept at a modest length not past your fingertip, no long or “fake” fingernails will be allowed for the safety of all cheerleaders on the team. 

When are the games?
Previous years games have been on Saturday, starting in early September (This is subject to change and  based on league scheduling). The game schedule is set by our league, not our coaches. Game schedule will be circulated and posted online for parents when it has been approved by league and sent to coaches.

Is tumbling required?
No, tumbling is not required. For those cheerleaders with existing skills and ability their coaches may provide them with the opportunity.

When do they start stunting?
This is the directors and coaches decision. The coaches will develop a relationship with the squad and once they feel the squad is ready to progress to these skills they will be implemented.

Why is my cheerleader standing there?
Just like in other sports where a child or player stands has a purpose, wist several girls we will make rows then alternate space with the second and third row in a space we call "windows".  Where your child is placed is dependent on several variables and will change several times until the coaches get to know all of the girls, and see who works best together. Having assigned places also helps the coaches learn all of the girls names.  

How can I help my cheerleader with practice?
BE ON TIME and CHEER READY! All practice should be taken seriously, Safety is our number one concern! Be POSITIVE when talking about your cheerleader’s skills and her teammates. DO NOT interact with your cheerleader during practice, make comments, or yell from the sides. This is a distraction which delays team progress and can result in being removed from practice areas. Remember anxiety is contagious, if you are nervous we ask that you stay out of sight while we are stunting. 

Volunteer time requirements?
Parents are required to volunteer by working concessions at least once during football season. ***a sign up link will be circulated***
Coaches for each level  are selected by the coordinator, some teams need more help than others. Not everyone who offers to coach will be a coach. 

Do they need a sports physical?
No, a sports physical is not required for TYAA cheer

Will you need my child's birth certificate?
Not at this time
Will there be a cheerleading camp?

Camp Theme Days!(make sure they can cheer in their outfits)

What is included in the 2022 fees?
***Uniform Fees paid online through a link provided at the fitting, these fees do not include: Pictures, Trophies, and end of season parties.

What about cheerleading shoes?
We will NOT be selling raffle tickets to cover shoe costs. different styles and options will be available online

Other events?
Parades, jamboree, youth night at SIHS, Pink-out week

What is the competition squad about?
TYAA is NOT a competitive cheer program.

Who should I contact if there is a problem?
Chain of command is: assistant coach, coach, director, board of directors.

What if my child does not got to Troutman Elementary?
While the public school allows us to use their space, we are not a school organization.  charter, private, and homeschool children may participate.

How much are coaches paid?
TYAA is an all Volunteer organization. None of our Board members, directors, and coaches are paid. 

How do I contact the Cheerleading Coordinators?

Please email Erin at [email protected]

Last updated 04/27/2022

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